DIY – Drawing on Mug

DIY – Drawing on Mug

I made a personalized mug. The little character is a Poro from League of Legends. I also left a cute message below the cup.

I don’t find it easy to draw on a mug. Drawing shapes is fine, but drawing lines is difficult. I had a hard time tracing the mouth. To correct a mistake, I just needed to rub some alcohol with a cotton on the surface to rework. I used sharpie markers as mention in some tutorials. Drawing multiple layers is needed to achieve an opaque black.

After the drawing part was done, I waited overnight and baked 30 mins.

Unfortunately, the black gets less dark after baking .

To test the resistance, I rubbed it with soap and saw that the marker was going out! I was supposed to use the sharpies PAINT , but I couldn’t find it, so I just used regular sharpies.