Alchemy software

Alchemy software

I would like to present you a software with a nice concept in it. It is called Alchemy.

It is an open source software you can use as a base for your drawings or as a tool to find inspirations. With the tools, you can create random shapes until you get to see something interesting appear. By using your imagination, your brain will begin to automatically create existing things from the shape. It is what we call Pareidolia, like when we see shapes when looking at the clouds.

You begin your drawing with abstraction, but it can soon give you an interesting design. It is great for warm-up and brainstorming. Then, if you master the tools, you can also draw figurative elements. If it doesn’t give any satisfying result, it is as simple as restarting from scratch and create shapes again.

Alchemy software interface

 Here is what it can looks like:

You can have more information and download it here: